Impacting Research – Impacting Minds

Some thoughts from my Interview Log:

During the semi-structured interviews I became aware of certain practice staff changing their opinions and style of their answers as I asked certain questions. It was almost as if they were undergoing a review of their practice’s processes in their mind as we progressed through the interview. As the researcher, I felt that my questioning was drawing their attention to an areas they had previously paid little attention to but were now discovering strong reasons why they now should (or maybe should have done in the past).

The research process itself can therefore start to spark thoughts for change even before a project is completed.


Moral issues in doctor-patient interactions about obesity

This week, I attended a seminar presented by Helen Webb on perceptions of obesity and the importance of analysing patient-health professional perception of the condition.  Helena described the importance of looking at obesity less from the angle directed by the word’s medical definition, and more towards sociological undertones.  I particularly enjoyed the parts of the presentation that discussed the moral and political models of obesity, often fed to us by media and popular culture. These have contributed to the ways we shape success, achievement and creditworthy behaviour in relation the obesity and weight loss.