New year,new pastures

Here’s to 2015, which already looks like a promising year. With postgraduate studies completed and a new work opportunity with the Health Trainer Service in my city, I’m looking forward to putting my learned knowledge into practice to contribute effectively to helping reduce health inequalities.


Race for Life – 9th June !

R4LogoEarly morning training has already begun in preparation for the 5km run. I’ve been meaning to give this run a go for a while now, and strangely enough I got ‘ the final push’ after meeting a stranger with an inspirational story on a bus ride home!

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On the 15th November I attended the first of a two part course on the qualitative analysis aid software NVivo9.  I hadn’t used the software before and I thought that it would be worth finding out how it could help me to organise my data for analysis. After conducting some more interviews, I was looking for a tool that could  facilitate the analysis of my interview transcripts. On first glance, the ‘dashboard’ didn’t appear to be quite as confusing as I thought it would be, with elements such as the Ribbon toolbar reminding me of parts of Microsoft Office:

   By the end of the day, I had learned the basics on how to code data (or assign category labels to texts that with enable similar comments by interviewees to be grouped together)  using ‘Nodes’ on a ficticious dataset, and how to query the dataset (asking the software to display certain data based on specific characteristics chosen by the user).  As is the case with most computer software, it is only as useful the user makes it and NVivo9 is simply a tool to help you with your anaylsis – it will not do any analysing for you!

I’m now in the process of applying the same techniques to my own interview data ahead of the next session so that I have real data to work with during the training.