Scottish Sepsis VTE Collaborative

SepsisScreensaveOn Friday 28th September, I attended a presentation on the Scottish Sepsis VTE Collaborative – a national quality improvement programme led by Healthcare Improvement Scotland. The presentation was delivered by Kevin Rooney, a professor and clinician from Scotland.

Sepsis and VTE have been seen as illnesses associated with the elderly, but this presentation highlighted that this simply wasn’t always the case. Many people have been misdiagnosed with other conditions due to a combination of the lack of awareness of the widespread nature of the illness, and the absence of a systematic, diagnostic Sepsis checklist on a more clinical level. Kevin Rooney has worked to develop a checklist and has implimented it to a great level of success judging by his initial results.


The presentation was very informative as I was previously unaware of very high mortality rates from the contraction of Sepsis. It was brilliant to see how Kevin Rooney has proactively led the implimentation of changes in procedures to reduce the lives lost within the hospital he is working at. There plans to continue spreading information, raising awareness, and positively impacting other hospitals, first in Scotland and hopefully across the UK too. I thought it was great example of how an individual’s passion for better healthcare can save lives.


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