The Protocol

This week I started work on one of the SAPPHIRE Group’s research projects on Responsiveness of Primary Care Services (PCS). Reponsiveness is the ability of the Primary Care provider to adapt to the needs of the patient population they are serving, in order to reduce inequalties to the service delivery. PCSs do make changes but they are often not tailored to the particular needs of their patient groups. As it can be imagined, this is a less effective approach.

Below is an extract from the protocol for the “Responsiveness study” that I’ll be working on:

A key objective of the study is to develop an approach to describing the practice population, which will enable providers to ensure that they have successfully accessed the views of diverse groups and understand how findings apply to their population. We will work with a sub-sample of 3-4 PCOs from the sample of twelve participating in stage 1 of the study, to develop an approach to describing their user population. This will involve identifying pre-existing data at practice and PCT level about the demographic characteristics of their population, as well as identifying how to access internal knowledge about the characteristics of their service users.

^^Looking forward to ‘getting my teeth in’ and meeting the team.


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